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Materialism Isn’t Enough

The next two interviews in Science and Religion: 5 Questions are with William Lane Craig and William Dembski, both Christian philosophers. (See the post 5 Questions … And Some Answers for the questions posed in this book). William Lane Craig … Continue reading

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The Great Debate? Nye vs. Ham

Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era? As many probably know there was a debate on Tuesday, this one with Bill Nye, The Science Guy, vs. Ken Ham, The Bible Guy. The debate is, for … Continue reading

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It is a Conundrum Pt. 1

I’ve mentioned in a number of posts over the 18 months or so that I’ve begun a habit of simply listening to Scripture regularly – usually on my commute – in large chunks straight through. Despite having been raised in … Continue reading

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A Question About Evolution – Answers Anyone?

Is Christianity like a warm cozy sweater, but one that requires only one dropped stitch to unravel? Paula Kirby has suggested that it is, and that evolution is the stitch that unravels the sweater. But more of that toward the … Continue reading

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Just Like Me?

We all prefer friends who are just like us … personality, age, education, social class, marital status. This is simply human nature it appears – with both good and bad consequences. We tend to self-segregate. Should the church be any … Continue reading

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The Divine Dance

Orthodox Christianity as affirmed in the historic creeds is at its heart Trinitarian -there is one God existing in three persons. But what does this mean — and why is it important? Certainly the Trinity is a tough concept to … Continue reading

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The Historic Christian Faith

Following Tim Keller in The Reason for God we have now presented and discussed seven of the biggest objections raised against the Christian faith. None of these objections are fatal to the historic Christian faith when examined objectively. But this … Continue reading

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