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For the Common Good 1

I’ve been reading a book lately, For the Common Good: Principles of American Academic Freedom by Matthew W. Finkin and Robert C. Post. This book provides a historical description of the development of the ideals of academic freedom in the … Continue reading

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Is Marriage Overblown?

Scot brought an article to my attention a few weeks ago – with little to do with science, yet much worth thinking about. This article, All the Single Ladies, by Kate Bolik was published in Nov. 2011 issue of The … Continue reading

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Communicating Science

There are a couple of interesting articles in the latest issue of Physics Today – a monthly magazine published by the American Institute of Physics and delivered as part of the membership dues to those belonging to member societies including … Continue reading

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Is Naturalism Christian?

Dr. Edward B. (Ted) Davis, Professor of the History of Science at Messiah College has written a nice piece on Christianity and Science in Historical Perspective. The article can be found in a number of different places online. The link … Continue reading

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How Can We Know?

Scot posted a brief excerpt of a column by Karl Giberson last week – Bachmann’s World – that received a great deal of comment, some good comment, some not so good comment repeating the old back and forth without really … Continue reading

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Investigating the Unnatural – Why Believe in God?

I began a discussion on Tuesday centered around four online essays. The first, a post on Naturalism and Investigating the Unnatural, is found on a blog written by John Wilkins, a philosopher of science in Australia. It refers to and … Continue reading

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Investigating the Unnatural – Is Science the Religion of the 21st Century?

Justin Topp on his blog A biologist’s view of science & religion has just recently cleared his google reader and posted a Not so Weekly Links Update. There are many good links here on science, religion, or science and religion. … Continue reading

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