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Evolutionary Creation in the News

BioLogos has received a good deal of press in recent weeks. The series Southern Baptist Voices has been an impetus for much of this press. One of the primary reasons for this series is a belief, deep and sincere, that … Continue reading

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Listening to Chinese Christians

Tim Stafford had an article Listening to Chinese Christians in the March/April issue of Books and Culture on a book by Liao Yiwu, God Is Red. Liao Yiwu is a poet, street musician, and chronicler of modern China who has … Continue reading

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How Can You Be a Christian?

In a post last Thursday I referred to a book by Alister McGrath, Doubting: Growing Through the Uncertainties of Faith. At one point in this book he makes the following observation: It is very common for Christians to find themselves … Continue reading

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Those Who Doubt

Michael Patton had an interesting post over at Credo House last Friday. This is not surprising, as he often has good stuff, well worth reading, on this blog. For that matter, the whole Credo House concept is fascinating and has … Continue reading

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The Things People Do To Nature

There was a fascinating article in the New York Times last Sunday – The Ecology of Disease by Jim Robbins: THERE’S a term biologists and economists use these days — ecosystem services — which refers to the many ways nature … Continue reading

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No it is Not a “God Particle”!

But it is Still Very Interesting… The Higgs Boson has been making the news lately – the “discovery” of the particle at 125-126 GeV was reported last week following analysis of data obtained in the ATLAS and CMS experiments at … Continue reading

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The Whole Sweep of Scripture

I’ve run through a few different titles for this post – perhaps “I’ve Found the Solution!” … or even more provocatively “We’ve Been Suckered?” … among others. I’ve settled, however, for a relatively sedate title. The ideas are things I’ve … Continue reading

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Are You There God? It’s Us, Scientists

The staff at BioLogos has but together a couple of infographics illustrating the various positions taken on science, the Christian faith and evolution. You can find more information about the graphic and the data that went into the graphic here. … Continue reading

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The Evolution of (Im)morality

A couple of weeks ago I received a request for a post on the evolution of immorality from a frequent reader. Is there any chance that you will at some point write about the evolution of immorality in your blog? … Continue reading

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