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What’s With the Junk? (DNA that is)

The topic of Junk DNA has come up a number of times in posts on this site over the last year or so. In particular one commenter has referred on several occasions to the supposed debunking of junk DNA as … Continue reading

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A Second Century View of Adam

The church has been around for something like 2000 years. Christians have been wrestling with the scriptures, with the nature of God, trying to understand both Christ and Church for two millenia – well over 20 times the length of … Continue reading

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Does the Universe Need God?

Sean Carroll, a theoretical cosmologist at the California Institute of Technology has an article Does the Universe Need God? in The Blackwell Companion to Science and Christianity edited by J. B. Stump and Alan Padgett. Sean Carroll’s article has also … Continue reading

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Adam, Original Sinner not Origin of Sin

Peter Bouteneff, in the second chapter of his book Beginnings: Ancient Christian Readings of the Biblical Creation Narratives, discusses the uses of the creation narrative in the New Testament. The most important New Testament references are in the Pauline literature … Continue reading

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Creation-Fall-Redemption is a Recent Reading?

The interpretation of scripture – and especially the interpretation of the creation narratives contained in scripture – comprises one of the most significant points of conflict in the discussion of the relationship of science and the Christian faith within the … Continue reading

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A Pastor’s Approach to Science

Recently BioLogos posted a talk given by Pastor Joel Hunter at the March 2012 Theology of Celebration Workshop. I was at this workshop, and have had the privilege of meeting Joel Hunter a couple of times. He approaches the issue … Continue reading

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Why is the Universe Unfathomably Large?

I wrote a post a while back Why would God use 4.6 Billion years? This post arose in response to a reflection of Ben Witherington’s with respect to the creation of the earth and received quite a bit of comment. … Continue reading

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Stop Playing the Game!

Questions of cooperation, morality, and altruism are active areas of scientific investigation. The origin of moral law is a serious scientific question that is investigated quite seriously. Some reduce the existence of a moral law to a means to enhance … Continue reading

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