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Creation Groans; But Why?

One of the passages that comes into play in the discussion of modern science and the Christian faith is Romans 8, especially verses 19-22. Certainly Romans 8 provides another reflection on Genesis 3 and the consequence of the Fall.  Or … Continue reading

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Wow, Job

I was inspired earlier this year to listen to the whole Bible straight through – inspired by the example of some of the regular readers and commenters on this blog. In the course of this project (as of today I … Continue reading

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These are the Generations of Adam

This it the final post on Peter C. Bouteneff’s book  Beginnings: Ancient Christian Readings of the Biblical Creation Narratives. Through this book we have looked at the way the OT and second Temple Jewish sources viewed and used the creation … Continue reading

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Allegory or History … The Focus is on Christ

The last two church fathers considered by Peter Bouteneff in his book  Beginnings: Ancient Christian Readings of the Biblical Creation Narratives  are Gregory of Nazianzus and Gregory of Nyssa. These two, along with Basil introduced in the posts last week, … Continue reading

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Love Is the Name of the Game

As I was preparing last week’s post A Conversation About Genesis, I came across the YouTube video of this extended reflection by Tom Wright put out by World Vision as part of a Faith Effect campaign in Australia. This is … Continue reading

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A Conversation About Genesis

We’ve been looking at the question of beginnings from the perspective of the early church fathers using Peter Bouteneff’s book. The post Tuesday concentrated on Basil – and his Hexaemeron.  But it is also useful to listen to what contemporary … Continue reading

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Basil Again, With a Little Athanasius on Top

Perhaps this post would be better titled “Atheism is an Age Old Problem.” One of the most interesting insights is the nothing new under the sun phenomenon, at least when it comes to human nature. The next chapter of Peter … Continue reading

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