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Evolution Isn’t the Problem

The science and faith discussion floats around a number of different issues. They intertwine with each other and can’t be separated completely. Yet one thread runs through and holds together the whole – ontological naturalism, the idea that it is … Continue reading

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You Can’t Take the Bible Literally – Right?

Tim Keller’s book The Reason for God grew out of his experience talking with young professionals and others skeptical of Christian faith. The questions are similar to those raised on many college campuses – among both faculty and students. Come … Continue reading

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Connecting Gospel and Work

The final section of Tim Keller’s new book Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work explores the ways in which the gospel should shape and focus our work. The four chapters in this section cover a new story, … Continue reading

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I Believe in Genesis

As most who read this blog know by now I am a Professor of Chemistry and thus (take a deep breath) a scientist… We all know, or have heard repeated over and over … Science has Disproved Christianity… the elite … Continue reading

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Revisiting Hell

In the next chapter of The Reason for God Keller addresses a question that has been discussed repeatedly over the last few years: “How can a loving God send people to hell?” Given the amount of space that has already … Continue reading

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No Crocoducks, But Just as Good …

We do have the platypus, the coqui, the bandicoot, and the tarsier. All of these are in some sense “intermediate” between major groups of living animals. Recently I’ve been reading Robert Asher’s new book Evolution and Belief: Confessions of a … Continue reading

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(In)Justice in Jesus’ Name

In Chapter Four of The Reason for God Tim Keller broaches a topic I have found a real stumbling block over the years: If the Christian story is true why has the Church been responsible for so much pain and … Continue reading

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Absolute Truth is the Enemy of Freedom

Christianity is a Straightjacket — belief in absolute truth is an enemy of freedom—it endangers our civic freedom because it divides rather than unites—it stifles creativity and growth— “Christianity looks like an enemy of social cohesion, cultural adaptability, and even … Continue reading

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