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We Must Believe In Age Redux

Awhile ago I put up a post derived from a collection of essays by Dorothy Sayers published in Christian letters to a post-Christian world and republished a decade or so later as The Whimsical Christian. Although both are now out … Continue reading

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Ask Jeeves!

I admit it, I am a P.G. Wodehouse fan. I’ve read (and have on my shelf) all of the Jeeves and Wooster books along with many of Wodehouse’s other books. One of my favorite shows is the British TV series … Continue reading

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Remember, God Doesn’t Need You

And now Elihu Speaks. Chapters 32-37 contain an interesting interlude in the progression of arguments in the book of Job. A heretofore unmentioned character, Elihu son of Barakel the Buzite speaks. Some claim that this section is a late addition … Continue reading

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The Origin of Life

Among the issues shaping the origins debate, the most complex scientific questions surround the origin of life. Gerald Rau outlines some of the confusion and uncertainty concerning the origin of life in chapter 4 of his book Mapping the Origins … Continue reading

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Meteors, Dinosaur Droppings, and More

Joel at Naturalis Historia has a knack for organizing and describing scientific evidence in a clear and readable fashion. Perhaps this comes from years of experience teaching biology to college students. He posts sporadically, but all of the material is … Continue reading

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The Origin of the Universe – Three Views

In his book Mapping the Origins Debate: Six Models of the Beginning of Everything Gerald Rau considers four different aspects of origins – the origin of the universe, the origin of life, the origin of species, and the origin of … Continue reading

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Ray Comfort at The Way of the Master released a new video – put it up on YouTube and made it available for purchase just after midnight Wednesday morning. The provocative title? Evolution vs. God. This trailer should give a … Continue reading

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