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Why Should Christians Care About Science?

From Big Questions Online by Jennifer Wiseman. Dr. Wiseman is an astronomer. Her research uses optical, radio, and infrared telescopes to explore the ongoing formation of new stars in interstellar clouds. She studied physics at MIT where, in 1987, she … Continue reading

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And Then God Instructs (or Rebukes?)… Job and Us

In the last post we began to look at the climax of the book of Job in Chapters 38-41, when Yahweh answers Job. Many commentators seem to view this as a rebuke -a diatribe against Job who has incurred God’s … Continue reading

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And Then God Speaks … About Creation

The climax of the book of Job comes when Yahweh answers Job, or more accurately instructs Job, from the whirlwind in Chapters 38-41. This long series of posts, and the careful interaction with recent commentaries by John Walton (Job (The … Continue reading

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Reflections on Reading Genesis 1-3

We have posted several times over the last few months on Genesis 1-3 and on Prof. John Walton’s approach to Genesis 1-3. Scot called it a Game-Changer in the Genesis 1-2 debates in a post that attracted a great deal … Continue reading

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Beware Neuromaniacs and Darwinitis

Malcolm Jeeves is a Christian, an emeritus professor of psychology at the University of St. Andrews (one of the founders of the department), and of late he has been thinking and writing about the intersection of mind and brain and … Continue reading

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Off to College … Into?

We are now into the second week of school around here. A new set of freshman (or “first years”) have arrived, ready to begin a new phase of life. Away from home and exposed to new ideas. It is rather … Continue reading

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One Endless Debate …

This post wraps up our look at Gerald Rau’s book Mapping the Origins Debate: Six Models of the Beginning of Everything. The final two chapters What Can We Learn From Each Other and The Heart of the Debate summarize his … Continue reading

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