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Reading the Old Testament

There was an interesting and often enlightening, occasionally frustrating, conversation on my post Tuesday Should Reading the Bible Make One an Atheist? A number of people agreed with Jillette, at least partially … especially with regard to the Old Testament. … Continue reading

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Should Reading the Bible Make One an Atheist?

Over the last few weeks I have put up links to a couple of videos placed on YouTube by Big Think. The video of Francis Collins on science and faith has received something like 12,000 views on YouTube, the video … Continue reading

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The Measures of Success

Several years ago I wrote a post on ambition asking if ambition should be considered a virtue or a vice. Reflections on my series on the book of Job lead me to revisit the topic – and probably not for … Continue reading

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Is Faith a Threat to Science?

Within the church we most often consider the intersection of science and faith from a perspective that asks if science is a threat to faith. Within the scientific community (and the academic community more generally) the question is often flipped. … Continue reading

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A Literal Reading of Scripture

I’ve just finished a year-long study of the book of Job, some of which has made its way into posts on this blog. The most read post in the series was one of the first – The accuser is not … Continue reading

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12 Reasons

The following was making its way around Facebook recently. It is not new, however. There has been a similar list on the door of the bathroom (where it has a captive audience) at my parents’ summer cabin for several years. … Continue reading

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Bias or Just Natural?

Whenever issues of bias or stereotype have been raised on this blog someone, usually a different person each time, has been quick to jump in with the claim that we shouldn’t be aiming for equality in that way. Often others … Continue reading

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