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Fellow Pilgrims

The next section of Philip Yancey’s new book Vanishing Grace: What Ever Happened to the Good News? looks at three kinds of Christians having an impact in our world: pilgrims, activists, and artists. Yancey devotes a chapter to each, and … Continue reading

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5 Questions … and Some Answers

I picked up an interesting and somewhat unusual new book recently, Science and Religion: 5 Questions. The editor, Gregg D. Caruso, posed five questions on science and religion to thirty three different authors and scholars covering a broad range of … Continue reading

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Love the Lord Your God

The way we read and tell the story of the Old Testament plays a large role in the view that many people have of Christianity.  To many outside the church the story can be framed as ancient myth, the story … Continue reading

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No Miracles Allowed?

I’ve been reading Stephen Jay Gould’s short book Rocks of Ages: Science and Religion in the Fullness of Life in which he outlines the concept of non-overlapping magisteria (NOMA), an important concept in the discussion of science and Christian faith. … Continue reading

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Reclaiming the Good News

Our world is athirst for the good news of the gospel, often without knowing it. But what is this good news and how do we pass it along? In chapter 4 of Vanishing Grace Philip Yancey looks at ways that … Continue reading

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Now Choose Life

In the last post on Iain Provan’s new book Seriously Dangerous Religion we looked at Genesis 3, a story that Provan sees as relating the embrace of evil by humans created in the image of God. This embrace of evil … Continue reading

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Tradition and Our Way of Life

What role should tradition play when it comes to theology and biblical interpretation? This is a significant question, and one that comes up quite often in discussions of the relationship between science (or other areas of study) and Christian faith. … Continue reading

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