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The Salt of the Earth

The next section of Philip Yancey’s new book Vanishing Grace poses the question “is it really good news?” … a question that can be answered in many different ways. Does faith matter? Does it affect the way we live in … Continue reading

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Good News – God Cannot Be Contained

Many today try to put religion in its place, controlled and contained, tolerated as long as it doesn’t impinge on fact or science. Stephen Jay Gould gave as the first commandment of NOMA “Thou shalt not mix magisteria by claiming … Continue reading

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Materialism Isn’t Enough

The next two interviews in Science and Religion: 5 Questions are with William Lane Craig and William Dembski, both Christian philosophers. (See the post 5 Questions … And Some Answers for the questions posed in this book). William Lane Craig … Continue reading

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Purpose Matters!

There is a purpose to the universe and this purpose matters. The final case study in David N. Livingstone’s fascinating new book Dealing with Darwin: Place, Politics, and Rhetoric in Religious Engagements with Evolution, looks at the approaches to evolutionary … Continue reading

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Of Artists and Activists

We need grace dispensers. We are called to be grace dispensers. Part two of Philip Yancey’s new book Vanishing Grace: What Ever Happened to the Good News? starts with a reflection on a remark by a friend. While discussing the … Continue reading

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You Are Your Brother’s Keeper

We’ve been slowly working through Iain Provan’s new book Seriously Dangerous Religion: What the Old Testament Really Says and Why It Matters. The next chapter addresses the Old Testament’s answer to the question of how we are to relate to … Continue reading

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Community Matters

Jonathan Hill, an assistant professor of sociology at Calvin College, recently released the results of a National Study of Religion & Human Origins. This study was funded by the Evolution and Christian Faith grants program at BioLogos and you can … Continue reading

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What Is Religion Anyway?

The first three interviews in Science and Religion: 5 Questions are with fairly outspoken skeptics of religion (something of a coincidence as the order is strictly alphabetical) – Simon Blackburn, Susan Blackmore, and Sean Carroll. The views they put forth … Continue reading

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