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Rejecting Either/Or

Denis Lamoureux has a new book out: Evolution: Scripture and Nature Say Yes! In this engaging and readable book he builds on his strong background in biology and theology to explore the question of evolutionary creation. The first chapter, Trapped … Continue reading

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Job and Jesus

We’ve been looking at How to Read Job by John Walton and Tremper Longman III. The first three sections of the book focus on Job in its ancient Near Eastern audience. As Old Testament scholars, both Longman and Walton agree … Continue reading

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Conflict or Coherence?

What is the difference between a dead dog and a dead chemistry professor lying in the middle of the road? I recently picked up a copy of the second edition of Henry (Fritz) Schaefer’s book Science and Christianity: Conflict or … Continue reading

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A Season of Hope

Advent, followed by Christmas is a season of anticipation and hope. Israel’s hope for the coming Messiah culminates in the birth of Jesus, the Messiah or Christ. It is fitting in this season to consider the importance of hope in … Continue reading

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Science Leads to Secularization

In a popular story line the Scientific Revolution and the secularization of society moved hand in hand. A scientific society will, of course, be secular. Scientific thought eliminates the divine from the realm of rational thought. J.B. Stump in Science … Continue reading

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A Theology of Suffering

What does the book of Job teach us about suffering? In the face of suffering many Christians turn, almost instinctively, to the book of Job. Surely there must be an answer here! The book explains suffering. But this isn’t exactly … Continue reading

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An Identity Found in Christ

The traditional and modern sources of identity – found by looking outward to society, cultural roles, and affirmation or inward, following one’s desires and finding affirmation there, are unsatisfactory … inherently insecure. The traditional model can be suffocating, while the … Continue reading

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Christ and Creation!

BioLogos is holding its second ever public conference this spring in Houston Texas, a beautiful place to visit in March. Building on the enthusiastic response to our first-ever public conference in 2015, we are pleased to invite you to our … Continue reading

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Finding Our Identity

The next section of Tim Keller’s new book Making Sense of God: An Invitation to the Skeptical looks at identity – the ways in which we define who and what we are. Chapter six focuses on identity in our secular … Continue reading

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The Christian Origin of Science?

J.B. (Jim) Stump has a new book, Science and Christianity: An Introduction to the Issues. This book is designed as a college textbook to introduce the reader to various facets of the problem. It is not an apologetic for science … Continue reading

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