Is de Novo Adam a Non-Negotiable?

Creation of AdamI am at a conference in DC all week – deep into science and thus little time for writing. Instead I would like to point to two recent thought-provoking posts at BioLogos.

The first is a response to a recent video posted by The Gospel Coalition: Keller, Moore, and Duncan on the Non-Negotiable Beliefs About Creation.

Deb Haarsma provides a response (Essentials of Creation: A Response to The Gospel Coalition). The video makes many good points, and these should be appreciated. However, the claim is also made that the de novo creation of Adam is a non-negotiable. It is connected both to the gospel message and to racial justice and equality. Having read David Livingstone’s work in Adam’s Ancestors and Dealing With Darwin. Christians have found it possible to rationalize almost any racist position with or without Adam. Bottom line: belief in the de novo creation of Adam is not a immunization against racism. Making this connection simply draws attention away from the more important issues. Non-negotiable issues are centered on biblical teachings about human identity and vocation as the image of God and the need for salvation. Deb has more to say and both the video and her response are worth a look.

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  1. jeff tomes says:

    Even if there was a full blown evolutionary process until such a man as Adam was produced, that would still be a something new episode whether it was a single man, a couple or a group. Then let’s say there was a fall as described in Genesis, a pretty significant incident and the genome was altered as a result. Love this stuff and God Bless.

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