A Class Act

I would like to bring a new opportunity to your attention. Over the years I have posted on a number of books by Denis Lamoureux. I first became acquainted with Denis and his work through Evolutionary Creation: A Christian Approach to Evolution, a book I blogged through seven years ago. This is an excellent book, and one that helped shape the way I think about many of the issues at the intersection of science and Scripture. He also contributed to Four Views on Adam, and most recently published Evolution, Nature and Scripture Say Yes!. I put up a number of posts on this book earlier this year. One of the highlights of the March BioLogos conference Christ and Creation held in Houston TX was the opportunity to finally meet Denis in person – we had occasionally exchanged e-mails over the previous seven years.

Denis Lamoureux’s book Evolution, Nature and Scripture Say Yes! builds on his strong background in biology and theology. Denis has a Ph.D. in theology and a Ph.D. in biology, evolutionary biology. He began his studies with the aim to refute the evolutionists but has built his career showing that Christianity and evolutionary biology are not inherently in conflict. Denis is currently Associate Professor of Science and Religion at St. Joseph’s College in the University of Alberta.

Denis now has a course available through Coursera, an open online course available free – or with more accountability and a certificate, for a fee of $49. A brief, 16 minute, introduction to Denis and his course is provided in this video:

You can find his Coursera course at this link: Science & Religion 101.

Denis is always interesting, he knows his material, and has spent many years teaching on this subject at Alberta. If you are interested, give it a look. It is sure to be interesting.

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