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God: Father, Almighty, Creator

I believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth. Having set up the Apostles’ Creed – its importance, the importance of creed-like statements in Scripture, and the role of the rule of faith in the early church … Continue reading

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A Look at Biblical Womanhood

I have been very busy lately. The beginning of the term, a major deadline, and a little traveling … and limited time to write. This is a repost, lightly edited with a few examples added, but one worth thinking about. … Continue reading

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Creeds Before the Canon?

The creeds came before the canon but developed from and alongside the apostolic writings that became our New Testament. I read a thread of comments last week (not on my post) where it was claimed that there are something like … Continue reading

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Ambition … Virtue or Vice? Revisited

The Merriam-Webster dictionary online defines ambition as (a) an ardent desire for rank, fame, or power (b) desire to achieve a particular end. This is viewed as a virtue in much of our culture – certainly in academia. Ambition is … Continue reading

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Creeds Within the Canon

Creeds are not strictly extra-biblical. There are a number of statements within the pages of Scripture. These don’t start with the phrase “I believe” or “we believe” but do represent concise statements of doctrine and belief. The first such statement … Continue reading

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Math + Theology = ?

What does math have to do with theology? Andy Walsh, Faith Across the Multiverse, makes some interesting connections. The logic of mathematics can help us think more clearly about theology. In Chapter 1 (the second chapter since he starts with … Continue reading

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Why You Need the Creed

As I mentioned earlier this summer, I am preparing for an adult education discussion class on the Apostles’ Creed as an introduction to Christian doctrine this Fall. The primary resources for this class are the Bible (of course) and four … Continue reading

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A Short History of Purpose in Biology

Denis Alexander in his new book Is There Purpose in Biology starts with an outline of the history of thinking about Purpose and purpose in biology in the West and Middle East. Capital P Purpose is a metaphysical concept relating … Continue reading

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