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Not Really Random … or Purposeless

Evolution is not random. Chance is a harnessed tool rather than a metaphysical conundrum. This is Denis Alexander’s well supported claim in chapter 4 of Is There Purpose in Biology. The claim that evolution undermines Purpose, metaphysical capital P purpose, … Continue reading

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What is a Credible Interpretation?

The first chapter of Understanding Scientific Theories of Origins looks at principles of biblical interpretation. Because this is the biggest stumbling block for Christians, it is important to address interpretation head on in order to lay a framework for understanding … Continue reading

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Understanding Origins

This last week I received a new book from IVP Academic: Understanding Scientific Theories of Origins. This book is the joint effort of five Wheaton professors and grew out of a course they’ve been team teaching for two decades or … Continue reading

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The Light of the World

The Apostles’ Creed has more to say about Jesus than God, the Holy Spirit, or anything else. I believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth. I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord. He … Continue reading

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Playing God?

Elaine Ecklund and Christopher Scheitle (Religion vs. Science: What Religious People Really Think) asked religious Americans about their impressions of scientific technology. On many issues (for example, social media technology), most Americans religious or not have similar opinions. The concerns … Continue reading

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Chemistry Rules!

Denis Alexander is a molecular biologist and it is to the molecular basis of life that he turns in Chapter 3 of his book “Is There Purpose in Biology?” As a chemist, I find this chapter fascinating. Biology is nothing … Continue reading

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Books of the Year

When it comes to science and Christian faith several outstanding books have appeared this year. My personal favorite is Andy Walsh’s Faith Across the Multiverse. In this book Walsh mixes fiction (usually science fiction of a sort), math, science, and … Continue reading

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