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Thinking Christianly about Creation

Chapter 2 of Understanding Scientific Theories of Origins turn to theology and the doctrine of creation. (The first chapter by John Walton looked at the interpretation of Scripture, What is a Credible Interpretation?) Before even beginning to look at the … Continue reading

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It Is All Relative

Andy Walsh (Faith Across the Multiverse) uses examples from science to help us wrestle with complex ideas in Christian faith. This is a science and faith book of a very different kind; an enjoyable and thought-provoking read. Science is hard … Continue reading

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One Story From Genesis to Revelation

What governed the interpretation of Scripture in the early church? Hint: it was both the same as and quite different from our approach today. Neither the New Testament authors or the early church fathers practices historical criticism or the grammatical-historical … Continue reading

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Not as the World Sees It

Last Fall I began reposting a series on biblical womanhood with intent to expand and extend. Today’s post is a lightly edited repeat of a post from the original series. My contention is that our only true authority is God, … Continue reading

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How to Read?

How should we interpret Scripture? What are the principles we apply when we seek to understand the message of the Bible and apply it to our lives? We looked last week at how not to read, but how then are … Continue reading

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The Cost of Existence and the God of Love

We have been slowly working through Denis Alexander’s new book Is There Purpose in Biology and come now to the final chapter – where he digs into the topic introduced by his subtitle. Evolution causes problems for a number of … Continue reading

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How Not to Read

Last summer I started reading a new book by Craig Allert, Early Christian Readings of Genesis One. The first chapter and post, Why Care?, focused the value of reading the early church fathers and addressed the question of why we … Continue reading

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