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A Training Ground?

Craig Allert in Early Christian Readings of Genesis One, makes reference in passing to a comment by Basil of Caesarea (ca. 329-379 AD) regarding the purpose of creation. This is worth some consideration. We find Basil’s comment in NPNF2-08. Basil: … Continue reading

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Who Are We?

Human identity is one of the big questions – and the second question posed to Prof. Heidi Maibom (Philosophy, University of Cincinnati) and Prof. N. T. Wright (Theology and New Testament Studies, University of St. Andrews) in their 2017 Veritas … Continue reading

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Love and Knowing?

I am leading a discussion class at our church using a Veritas Forum dialogue at the University of Cincinnati between N.T. Wright and Philosophy professor Heidi Maibom. It is an interesting conversation – far deeper than it seems at first … Continue reading

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The Eighth Day

In Chapter 6 of Early Christian Readings of Genesis One Craig Allert turns to readings of the days of Genesis in the early Church Fathers. He looks at three writers, Theophilus of Antioch (ca. 120-185 exact dates uncertain), Ephrem the … Continue reading

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Creation is Much More!

Quite a number of years ago David Wilkerson published an excellent article in Christianity Today: Bigger Than We Think. The archived article is only available with a subscription, but we can consider the major points here. The Christian doctrine of … Continue reading

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The Christian Story as Worldview

Christians, those of us who are, have a worldview that is defined by the Christian story as told in Scripture from Genesis to Revelation and through the church (the community of Christians throughout the ages). Unfortunately, articulating this story is … Continue reading

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Atheism is an Age Old Problem

One of the most interesting insights is the nothing new under the sun phenomenon, at least when it comes to human nature. We’ve been working through Craig Allert’s new book Early Christian Readings of Genesis One. Several years ago I … Continue reading

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