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Thinking About God When the World Goes Crazy

Tremper Longman III and John Walton teamed up to write short book How to Read Job. This book is a useful guide to reading Job – raising as many questions as it answers – and a lot shorter and more … Continue reading

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Days of Creation: Occurrence or Observance?

Now we get to the central hypothesis of Michael LeFebvre in his book, The Liturgy of Creation. The creation week of Genesis 1-2:3 is a culturally situated historical calendar narrative designed to lead God’s people in God’s ways. LeFebvre writes: … Continue reading

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Pentateuch or Torah

The first five books of the Bible, Genesis through Deuteronomy, are often referred to as the Pentateuch, literally five books or five scrolls. More importantly, however, they are referred to as the Torah or the law. Michael LeFebvre outlines the … Continue reading

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Reading Job

The book of Job is a truly amazing part of Scripture. The book strikes me as one of the most significant, misunderstood, and under appreciated, books in the entire Bible. I’ve turned to it many times over the last 8 … Continue reading

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Science and Faith in Pandemic Times

Francis Collins had a conversation Monday night with Jim Stump and Deb Haarsma of BioLogos. For those who don’t know, Francis Collins is the Director of the National Institutes of Health, following on a successful career as head of the … Continue reading

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Dates and Numbers

We expect dates and numbers to fit – to work – with mathematical precision. We know our ages and dates of birth. The age of our country, dated to the Declaration of Independence, officially July 4 1776  (for those of … Continue reading

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An Instrument of God

We continue our walk through Isaiah with Ben Witherington III (Isaiah Old and New: Exegesis, Intertextuality, and Hermeneutics) as our guide. Today we focus on Isaiah 44:24-45:13, an oracle that names an historical figure, Cyrus, and calls him God’s anointed. … Continue reading

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With Science and With Prayer

Francis Collins was interviewed on the Focus on the Family Broadcast last Thursday.  The whole is worth listening to, and the prayer near the end especially (25:20 in the video). If you wish to contact me directly you may do … Continue reading

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A Text for Worshipers

Michael LeFebvre (The Liturgy of Creation) argues that the Pentateuch is a text for worshipers, not for historians. The difference is significant. A modern historian is charged with uncovering facts, who, what, when, where, how, and why.  A worshiper is … Continue reading

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His Grace is Sufficient

As we all know by now, the current move to “social distancing” is designed to “flatten the curve.” While the problems will last longer, the human toll should be smaller. The number of critical cases will remain closer to the … Continue reading

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