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A Blaze of Glory!

The rapture and Armageddon, military conquest and the heaven and earth passing away in a blaze of glory are concepts that can catch the imagination. A commenter on a recent post (here) noted that the imagery of destruction can have … Continue reading

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Temporary Happy By-Products

It has been a Star Wars season for many. Although I haven’t seen the new movie (or, indeed, any other than the original three – which were fantastic) many friends and family members contributed to the first weekend success of … Continue reading

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Redemption of Creation or Harps and Clouds?

Although there are variations across the range of Christianity, it is not uncommon for Christians, especially evangelical Christians, to view our eternal destiny as a heaven of eternal worship. This is often caricatured as angels floating on clouds and playing … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Resurrection

Resurrection is an idea that evolves and develops in Scripture reaching its climax in the New Testament with the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the hope for the future that resurrection ushers in for the apostles and the early church. … Continue reading

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The Mountains Melt Like Wax

The next two chapters of Richard Middleton’s book A New Heaven and a New Earth look at the Old Testament view of God’s salvation in law, wisdom, and prophecy. The goal of salvation in the Old Testament is earthly flourishing … Continue reading

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Singing Lies in Church?

As Christians we love to sing. This is an important and beautiful part of worship. But the words to these song teach theology … and the theology isn’t always right. One place where our song may take us wrong is … Continue reading

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New Creation From the Old

I have to admit that the conclusion to Mark Harris’s book The Nature of Creation (both the chapter on Scientific Eschatology and New Creation and the concluding chapter itself) leave me somewhat befuddled. There are a number of clear (and … Continue reading

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