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No it is Not a “God Particle”!

But it is Still Very Interesting… The Higgs Boson has been making the news lately – the “discovery” of the particle at 125-126 GeV was reported last week following analysis of data obtained in the ATLAS and CMS experiments at … Continue reading

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Doodle Now – Learn More

I am at a conference this week – and that means not a lot of time to put together a post today.  Consider this my limited version of Scot’s Weekly Meanderings. I recently came across a few articles that are … Continue reading

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Your Favorite Joke?

I don’t often do afternoon posts – but I did this week. The interview with John Polkinghorne discussed in the post Tuesday concludes with Dean Nelson asking for Dr. Polkinghorne’s favorite scientific joke. Dr. Polkinghorne responds with the requested scientific … Continue reading

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