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In the Beginning

The first chapter of Ron Highfield’s new book The Faithful Creator: Affirming Creation and Providence in an Age of Anxiety looked at the theology of creation in the Old Testament. A commenter on A Theology of Creation (at Jesus Creed) … Continue reading

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Jesus and Jonah

Last week I put up a post summarizing Walter Moberly’s chapter on Jonah, Forget the Fish Already!. The post focused on the genre and message of the book. Moberly, like most OT scholars, considers the book to be something of … Continue reading

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Jesus and Genesis

Recently ICR posted the picture to the right on their Facebook page (HT JD). Although the claim that half of Jesus’s references were to Genesis is unsupportable (see below), the idea that we must take a literal (i.e. young earth) … Continue reading

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Jesus is the Keystone

Jesus is the Keystone of God’s plan to resolve disorder and perfect order, or so claims John Walton in the next chapter of his new book The Lost World of Adam and Eve. But Jesus is more than simply the … Continue reading

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It’s About God and God’s Kingdom

The second essay in N. T. Wright’s book Surprised by Scripture addresses the question Do We Need a Historical Adam? Wright accepts a historical Adam and Eve as a representative pair chosen by God, much as God later chose Abraham … Continue reading

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Healing the Divide

Last week I posted a response to the question: Do we need to read the whole Bible? While it isn’t necessary for every Christian to read every section of the Bible, it is important that teachers, preachers, and other leaders … Continue reading

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Wait, No Miracles? … Wright On!

Last Thursday I put up a post that focused on N.T. (Tom) Wright’s response to listener questions posed by Justin Brierley on the radio show Unbelievable. The link to the show: NT Wright on Paul, Hell, Satan, Creation, Adam, Eve … Continue reading

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