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Jesus Ate Fish and Other Thoughts on Death

To dig a little deeper into the problem of animal suffering Ronald Osborn (Death Before the Fall) turns to C. S. Lewis and The Problem of Pain. There are two ideas that are offered up for consideration. All Death is … Continue reading

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The Problem of Joshua

Lately I’ve been listening once again to the early part of the Old Testament. Genesis √, Exodus √, Leviticus √, Numbers √, Deuteronomy … Ah OK maybe, … Joshua … here the problems really take root. Today I am deep into … Continue reading

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From Tower Building to Net Mending

Ronald E. Osborn wraps up part one of his new book Death Before the Fall: Biblical Literalism and the Problem of Animal Suffering with a sketch of a new approach to hard questions of the Christian faith. He uses three … Continue reading

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A Gracious Response

Last week Ken Ham found reason to highlight the BioLogos grant program Evolution & Christian Faith. Needless to say he wasn’t exactly supportive of the effort: BioLogos Funds Projects to Undermine the Authority of the Word. I didn’t see the … Continue reading

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The Mighty Mysterious Camel

There has been something of a stir around the internet and on the news the last week or two. It seems that a couple of archaeologists at Tel Aviv University published a paper suggesting that the earliest appearance of the … Continue reading

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Why Would a Scientist Believe a Virgin Gave Birth?

Most Christians have a deep appreciation for the scriptures, both the Old Testament and the New Testament. Many of our disagreements, especially the most heated discussions of science and faith arise because we respect and wrestle with scripture as inspired … Continue reading

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Reading the Old Testament

There was an interesting and often enlightening, occasionally frustrating, conversation on my post Tuesday Should Reading the Bible Make One an Atheist? A number of people agreed with Jillette, at least partially … especially with regard to the Old Testament. … Continue reading

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Should Reading the Bible Make One an Atheist?

Over the last few weeks I have put up links to a couple of videos placed on YouTube by Big Think. The video of Francis Collins on science and faith has received something like 12,000 views on YouTube, the video … Continue reading

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Is Faith a Threat to Science?

Within the church we most often consider the intersection of science and faith from a perspective that asks if science is a threat to faith. Within the scientific community (and the academic community more generally) the question is often flipped. … Continue reading

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Off to College … Into?

We are now into the second week of school around here. A new set of freshman (or “first years”) have arrived, ready to begin a new phase of life. Away from home and exposed to new ideas. It is rather … Continue reading

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