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How to Talk About Science and Faith

Or perhaps, and more important, how not to talk about science and faith. Some thoughts from 50+ years as a Christian involved in a range of churches, and from 30+ years as an active scientist, 23 years as a professor. … Continue reading

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An Exciting Opportunity!

Are you interested in questions of science and Christian faith? Perhaps not quite sure what to think? Want to enter into a conversation and learn some more? On this blog we’ve been carrying on a conversation about the relationship between … Continue reading

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What Is Religion Anyway?

The first three interviews in Science and Religion: 5 Questions are with fairly outspoken skeptics of religion (something of a coincidence as the order is strictly alphabetical) – Simon Blackburn, Susan Blackmore, and Sean Carroll. The views they put forth … Continue reading

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NOMA and Rocks of Ages

A topic that comes up often in the discussion of science and religion is Stephen Jay Gould’s concept of non-overlapping magisteria or NOMA. I’ve read many papers and books that refer to this principle – sometimes agreeing, more often  disagreeing … Continue reading

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Dealing With Darwin

Often times we forget the importance of place and time on the way ideas are received and processed. David Livingstone, Professor of Geography and Intellectual History at Queen’s University, Belfast makes it his business to study the relationship between the … Continue reading

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How Our Creator Shapes Us

How can we reconcile human evolution with the view of humans created in the image of God? How can we even introduce the topic and address the questions students may have? A month ago or so I introduced a project … Continue reading

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The Author of Life

I had the privilege of being in Oxford last week (UK! not OH or MS). The picture to the right was taken from the top of the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin. You can click on the image … Continue reading

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