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He is Risen Indeed!

Last Thursday I started a discussion on the power of resurrection. Several commenters pointed out that, in addition to the passages in Paul I cited, it is important to consider the words of Jesus in the Gospels. I certainly agree … Continue reading

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The Power of Resurrection?

On Holy Thursday it is appropriate to stop and think about these events and their meaning for us as Christians. The cross is important, through death on the cross the powers of evil are vanquished. The kingdom of God triumphs … Continue reading

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On the Resurrection

He is risen indeed! Yes a scientist can believe in the resurrection. Science trades in motivated belief, there are reasons for the positions taken and the theories accepted. But theology also trades in motivated belief. In his book Theology in … Continue reading

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A Season of Hope

Advent, followed by Christmas is a season of anticipation and hope. Israel’s hope for the coming Messiah culminates in the birth of Jesus, the Messiah or Christ. It is fitting in this season to consider the importance of hope in … Continue reading

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Prepared in Heaven, Unveiled on Earth and Left Behind

The next chapter of Richard Middleton’s book A New Heaven and a New Earth looks at passages in the New Testament that appear to support the idea of heaven hereafter, either as a permanent or temporary abode. These can be … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Resurrection

Resurrection is an idea that evolves and develops in Scripture reaching its climax in the New Testament with the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the hope for the future that resurrection ushers in for the apostles and the early church. … Continue reading

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Hope is Our Foundation

Christianity is a religion founded on hope precisely because it is founded in God and his work in the world through Jesus, the Messiah of God. The resurrection is the clearest example of this hope, but it is far from … Continue reading

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The Riddle of Jesus

I’ve been slowly working through The God of Hope and the End of the World by John Polkinghorne and Surprised by Scripture by N. T. Wright. The books converged this week as I read Polkinghorne’s chapter on The Resurrection of … Continue reading

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The Reality of the Resurrection

One of the biggest hurdles to orthodox Christian belief in our world today is affirmation of the bodily resurrection of Jesus as historical reality. After all we know better than this. Isn’t it a much more reasonable and enlightened approach … Continue reading

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Why Cross and Resurrection?

As we move through Lent and approach Easter it has become commonplace to have¬† questions¬† surrounding the historicity of the early Christian faith hit the news. This year James Tabor has once again hit the news (complete with forthcoming book … Continue reading

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