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Creation Care?

Climate change is an issue that is not going to go away. It is also not an issue where ideology or worldview will ultimately play any significant role. Either humans are impacting the climate or we are not. Because of … Continue reading

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It’s God-Breathed

No exploration of the nature of Scripture is complete without a discussion of Paul’s claim in 2 Timothy 3:16 that “All Scripture is God-breathed.” Many a statement of faith uses this phrase and references as a proof text for the … Continue reading

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A Theology of Science?

It has become common to study the science of religion and as a result the science of theology. Religious practice is a social construct amenable to study in the context of sociology, anthropology, and evolutionary psychology. Presumably religion exists because … Continue reading

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As the Potter Does?

Jeremiah was a prophet in Jerusalem at the time leading up to the Babylonian captivity. He was freed from confinement by King Nebuchadnezzar and recorded the troubling reactions of the people of Judah during this cataclysmic event. Jeremiah 18:1-12 is … Continue reading

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A Sign of Love, a Sign of Hope

The final chapter of Justo González’s short book, [Creation] The Apple of God’s Eye, ends on a note of hope. At several places in the book González has described creation using an analogy with human parenthood. There are limitations to … Continue reading

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God’s Absence?

As Christians we are taught much about the presence of God in creation and in our lives. Less is said about God’s absence in creation. Justo L. González ([Creation] The Apple of God’s Eye) digs into both God’s presence and … Continue reading

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Creation as an Act of Love

I recently picked up yet another book on Creation, this one by Justo L. González, a United Methodist minister and scholar. [Creation] The Apple of God’s Eye is a short book (99 pages) ideal for a small group study from … Continue reading

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Reading Job as Literature

I am preparing to lead a short Bible study on the book of Job using the recent book How to Read Job by John Walton and Tremper Longman III as a guide. The book of Job provides an excellent forum … Continue reading

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Is Intelligent Design Dead?

A decade ago Intelligent Design with a capital I and a capital D was a hot topic. A major trial testing the teaching of the ID in Pennsylvania was decided in late 2005 and Stephen C. Meyer’s massive book Signature … Continue reading

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From Atoms or Adams, We are God’s Creation

The next chapter of Ron Highfield’s new book The Faithful Creator looks explicitly at divine creation and modern science. Certainly the first image that comes to mind for many is the (supposed) conflict between the conclusions of modern science and … Continue reading

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