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Evolution is Stochastic (not Random)

At the first public BioLogos Conference in the summer of 2015, Prof. Ard Louis, a professor of theoretical physics at Oxford gave an outstanding talk “Randomness and Other Metaphors in the Theory of Evolution.” The lecture is available on YouTube … Continue reading


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A World From Dust

In popular imagination, even the imagination of of many trained in technical fields, evolution is a messy, chaotic, highly contingent and random process. Mark Whorton in Peril in Paradise comments that while he finds the evidence for an old earth … Continue reading

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Is Evolution a Random Process?

A question that comes up quite frequently in discussions of evolution and Christian faith deals with the apparently purposeless randomness of the evolutionary process. One of the most famous images is the tape of time given by Stephen Jay Gould. … Continue reading

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The Miracles of Creation?

There have been a number of interesting posts on the Biologos blog recently; a series of three posts by Ard Louis on Miracles and Science (Part 3 here) extracted from his scholarly essay, and a post just yesterday by Pete … Continue reading

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