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When Science Meets Biblical Studies

The Dead Sea Scrolls offer a treasure trove of information. They inform our reading of Scripture in many ways. They provide testimony to the antiquity and reliability of many texts in our Bibles and on the political and cultural climate … Continue reading

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Paul’s (First Century) Use of Scripture

The apostle Paul was a first century Jew. This should not be a controversial statement. Paul was a first century Jew educated in the Hebrew Scriptures. Paul used the Scriptures in the manner common to his day, age, and culture. … Continue reading

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The Fall and Sin After Darwin 2

We’ve been looking at the essays in a book Theology After Darwin centered around a simple question: What are the implications for Christian theology if Darwin was right? At the top of the list for many is the implication for … Continue reading

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Evolution and Environmentalism

I am reading through a book of essays, Theology After Darwin (available from amazon UK or, as pointed out by a commenter, a search of Abebooks.com on author = Berry and title = Theology After Darwin will yield a USA-based … Continue reading

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What Do You Mean By Literal?

A common question raised any time the question of creation and evolution comes up is the impact of this discussion on our understanding of scripture. After all, if we can’t take Genesis 1 literally why take any other part of … Continue reading

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