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Disappointment with God?

There is a new resource from BioLogos – a series of podcasts providing the opportunity for longer conversations on a range of issue. You can find them on the BioLogos site here and/or subscribe through a variety of services including … Continue reading

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Evolution, Entropy, and Human Beings 1

I recently received, compliments of the publisher, a copy of a new book by Karl Giberson and Francis Collins The Language of Science and Faith: Straight Answers to Genuine Questions. This book has its origins in the avalanche of questions … Continue reading

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A Statement on Science, Faith, and Human Origins

BioLogos published a summary statement from the 2010 Workshop Theology of Celebration II held Nov. 9-11 (link to statement and post).  Today I would like to put this statement up for consideration and discussion. There are two segments to the … Continue reading

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The Human Fossil Record

We’ve been working through Denis O. Lamoureux’s book Evolutionary Creation: A Christian Approach to Evolution – a book that describes a way to move beyond the creation and evolutions debates. We will continue with this book next week, but classes … Continue reading

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