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The Cost of Existence and the God of Love

We have been slowly working through Denis Alexander’s new book Is There Purpose in Biology and come now to the final chapter – where he digs into the topic introduced by his subtitle. Evolution causes problems for a number of … Continue reading

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The Christian Matrix

There is a matrix within which we find Purpose and meaning. Evolution doesn’t undermine the possibility of Purpose in the world or purpose in life. The scientific study of biology alone doesn’t lead us any closer to an understanding of … Continue reading

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Not Really Random … or Purposeless

Evolution is not random. Chance is a harnessed tool rather than a metaphysical conundrum. This is Denis Alexander’s well supported claim in chapter 4 of Is There Purpose in Biology. The claim that evolution undermines Purpose, metaphysical capital P purpose, … Continue reading

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Chemistry Rules!

Denis Alexander is a molecular biologist and it is to the molecular basis of life that he turns in Chapter 3 of his book “Is There Purpose in Biology?” As a chemist, I find this chapter fascinating. Biology is nothing … Continue reading

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The Grand Narrative

It is common to use concepts such as purposeless and random to describe biological evolution. Stephen Jay Gould famously describes evolution as a tape which if run over would reach an entirely different result. We are a contingent accident in … Continue reading

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A Short History of Purpose in Biology

Denis Alexander in his new book Is There Purpose in Biology starts with an outline of the history of thinking about Purpose and purpose in biology in the West and Middle East. Capital P Purpose is a metaphysical concept relating … Continue reading

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Purpose in Biology?

Yet another new book for our consideration. Denis Alexander, molecular biologist, former chair of the Molecular Immunology Programme at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge and emeritus director of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, has recently published Is There … Continue reading

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