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Meteors, Dinosaur Droppings, and More

Joel at Naturalis Historia has a knack for organizing and describing scientific evidence in a clear and readable fashion. Perhaps this comes from years of experience teaching biology to college students. He posts sporadically, but all of the material is … Continue reading

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Evolution and the Creativity of God

Chapter 7 of God and the Cosmos: Divine Activity in Space, Time and History by Harry Lee Poe and Jimmy H. Davis is titled simply God and Life. Harry Lee Poe is the Charles Colson Professor of Faith and Culture … Continue reading

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Providential Evolution

The current issue of Books and Culture contains a review of The Language of Science and Faith by Karl Giberson and Francis S. Collins provided by Alvin Plantinga, the John A. O’Brien Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at the University Notre … Continue reading

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Evolution is a Lousy Story

There is an interesting post by Tom Bartlett, Is Evolution a Lousy Story?, on the blog at The Chronicle of Higher Education. Bartlett notes that more than half of Americans doubt that evolution describes the origin of species and he … Continue reading

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Should We Teach the Storehouse Theory?

The Bible teaches that God governs the weather including the rain (image to the right from wikipedia). Many passages make this quite clear.  Not only this he keeps rain, wind, snow and hail in his storehouses to be sent forth … Continue reading

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What Do We Have to Offer?

I had the opportunity last week to attend the BioLogos Theology of Celebration Workshop. This workshop focused on learning from and equipping pastors who are wrestling with matters of science and faith in their congregations. On the final morning one … Continue reading

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Adam in Genesis and Paul

There is little doubt that a major fault-line in the integration of a Christian understanding of the world with the major findings in modern science is centered on the issue of Adam. We saw this in the response to the … Continue reading

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Testing Scripture on Creation and Fall

Any discussion of the interface of science and scripture will eventually come to Genesis 1-3 creation and fall. The centrality of this discussion was obvious in the comments after the post on Tuesday Pastors Unconvinced … Now What? and the … Continue reading

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Pastors Unconvinced … Now What?

The question of Adam and Eve has come up often in the discussion of the relationship between science and faith. While it has no impact for the unbeliever from the science side of the question, it is a serious issue … Continue reading

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A Leap of Truth: Evolutionary Creation and Genesis

A couple of months ago Scot posted the trailer for a new documentary film coming out soon called “A Leap of Truth“. This film, by Ryan Pettey at Satellite Pictures, is designed to be a positive contribution to the discussion … Continue reading

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