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Reading Genesis 3

After a few essays laying the foundation, the recent book Evolution and the Fall edited by William T. Cavanaugh and James K. A. Smith turns to biblical and theological studies. In the first essay in this section J. Richard Middleton, … Continue reading

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Revisiting the Fall

J. Richard Middleton has thought-provoking post at BioLogos that deals Evolution and the Historical Fall (now a couple of weeks old, but I only read it in the last few days). This short essay is well worth reading, and worth … Continue reading

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Adam, Evolution, and the Imago Dei

Scot McKnight has a new book coming out at the end of this month, Adam and the Genome, co-authored written with Dennis Venema. Dennis is a biologist – and he handles the genome in this book. Scot looks at what … Continue reading

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No Need to Fear

One of my favorite writers of recent years, J. Richard Middleton, has joined BioLogos as a one of three 2016 Theology Fellows. As a fellow he will contribute six posts over the year on issues relating to the theology of … Continue reading

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It Is Time to Rise to the Challenge

This is the last of a series of posts on Richard Middleton’s book A New Heaven and a New Earth. His argument thus far has been that Scripture teaches a holistic redemption of creation. The biblical Christian hope is not … Continue reading

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Prepared in Heaven, Unveiled on Earth and Left Behind

The next chapter of Richard Middleton’s book A New Heaven and a New Earth looks at passages in the New Testament that appear to support the idea of heaven hereafter, either as a permanent or temporary abode. These can be … Continue reading

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A Blaze of Glory!

The rapture and Armageddon, military conquest and the heaven and earth passing away in a blaze of glory are concepts that can catch the imagination. A commenter on a recent post (here) noted that the imagery of destruction can have … Continue reading

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