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No Holiness but Social Holiness

The final section of Matthew Nelson Hill’s new book Evolution and Holiness looks at John Wesley’s view of original sin and human nature and the interaction between the structures he put in place with small accountability groups and more modern … Continue reading

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Must We Play the Game?

The next chapter of Matthew Nelson Hills new book Evolution and Holiness: Sociobiology, Altruism, and the Quest for Weslyan Perfection explores a topic at the cutting edge of science – the existence or not of human freedom … the free … Continue reading

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You Are Not What You Eat!

Many of the most interesting topics at the interface science and the Christian faith fall in the realm of neuroscience, sociobiology and evolutionary psychology. These are fields, it should be noted, that are in flux and undergoing rapid development. Much … Continue reading

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A Society Based on Lies?

The conflict between science and Christian faith is often cast in terms of relatively simple questions of origins. Was creation accomplished in 6 days or billions of years? Can evolution explain the diversity of life or are there significant problems … Continue reading

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