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We All Live By Faith

I closed my last post on Tim Keller’s new book Making Sense of God with a comment made on my post None and Fine With It: The evidence is the evidence, and science follows the evidence. Christianity comes to the … Continue reading

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Making Sense of God

I wrote a post last Tuesday None and Fine With It that looked at recent results reported from the Religious Landscape Survey of US beliefs and trends. This post received extensive comment, much of it from people who are not … Continue reading

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A Literal Reading of Scripture

I’ve just finished a year-long study of the book of Job, some of which has made its way into posts on this blog. The most read post in the series was one of the first – The accuser is not … Continue reading

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Now What?

This has been a rather long series looking at Tim Keller’s book The Reason for God. There are a number of excellent points and insights, and some room for disagreement and further discussion. Before moving on, however, wrap-up now seems … Continue reading

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The Divine Dance

Orthodox Christianity as affirmed in the historic creeds is at its heart Trinitarian -there is one God existing in three persons. But what does this mean — and why is it important? Certainly the Trinity is a tough concept to … Continue reading

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The Reality of the Resurrection

One of the biggest hurdles to orthodox Christian belief in our world today is affirmation of the bodily resurrection of Jesus as historical reality. After all we know better than this. Isn’t it a much more reasonable and enlightened approach … Continue reading

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The (True?) Story of the Cross

Holy Week culminating in Easter Sunday is the pivotal week and powerful week in the Christian calendar because it remembers and celebrates the central events in the Christian story- crucifixion and resurrection. The next two chapters of Tim Keller’s book … Continue reading

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Gospel or Religion?

If the problem is Sin — and Sin is failure to love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength — what is the solution? The last … Continue reading

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Cosmic Consequences?

In the post last Thursday I focused on Ch. 10, The Problem of Sin, in Tim Keller’s book The Reason for God. I found this chapter to contain many important insights and felt that it was worth serious consideration, free … Continue reading

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Keller and THE PROBLEM

We do not live in the Garden of Eden (Utopia, Shangri La, Paradise — you name it). Most of us would agree that it is self evident that something is fundamentally wrong with the world we currently occupy. The 20th … Continue reading

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