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Forget the Fish!

I am traveling quite a bit this term – so this is a repost of one of my favorites. We need to read the Bible as the authoritative message of God, but this doesn’t mean that “traditional” readings are always … Continue reading

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One Story From Genesis to Revelation

What governed the interpretation of Scripture in the early church? Hint: it was both the same as and quite different from our approach today. Neither the New Testament authors or the early church fathers practices historical criticism or the grammatical-historical … Continue reading

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How to Read?

How should we interpret Scripture? What are the principles we apply when we seek to understand the message of the Bible and apply it to our lives? We looked last week at how not to read, but how then are … Continue reading

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How Not to Read

Last summer I started reading a new book by Craig Allert, Early Christian Readings of Genesis One. The first chapter and post, Why Care?, focused the value of reading the early church fathers and addressed the question of why we … Continue reading

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What is a Credible Interpretation?

The first chapter of Understanding Scientific Theories of Origins looks at principles of biblical interpretation. Because this is the biggest stumbling block for Christians, it is important to address interpretation head on in order to lay a framework for understanding … Continue reading

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Understanding Origins

This last week I received a new book from IVP Academic: Understanding Scientific Theories of Origins. This book is the joint effort of five Wheaton professors and grew out of a course they’ve been team teaching for two decades or … Continue reading

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Women of the New Testament

Last Tuesday we looked at women of the Old Testament. Not commands and laws, but stories about people, what they did and how they did it. It is quite an amazing variety. Today we will look at women of the … Continue reading

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