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How do the Heavens Declare the Glory of God?

The next chapter in Jim Stump’s excellent introduction to the issues surrounding Science and Christianity explores the pros and cons of Natural Theology. Christians generally defend the concept of natural theology – the idea that the study or observation of … Continue reading

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Creation Through Christ

BioLogos is starting to release videos of the plenary talks (at least some of them) from the March Christ and Creation conference in Houston. This was a great time with much material worth some serious consideration. The first talk in … Continue reading

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Learning About the Cosmos From Job

 The book of Job, as John Walton and Tremper Longman II point out in their recent book How to Read Job, “contains more extensive discussion of the cosmos and God’s role in it than any other book in the Bible … Continue reading

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Fossils Tell a Story

(Image from Wikipedia: credit) The story told by the fossils is one of great age, with a succession of flora and fauna in the distinct layers of sedimentary rock. Part three of the new book The Grand Canyon, Monument to … Continue reading

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A Story Carved In Stone

  (Image from Wikipedia: credit) The evidence for an ancient earth – far, far older than the <10,000 year timeline defended in young earth creationism – is abundant and independent of any hypothesis concerning the mechanism of biological evolution. There … Continue reading

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Why Don’t We Push the Storehouse Theory of Rain?

The Bible teaches that God governs the weather including the rain (image to the right from wikipedia). Many passages make this quite clear. Not only this he keeps rain, wind, snow and hail in his storehouses to be sent forth … Continue reading

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And God Said “Let There Be Light”

Genesis 1 is a marvelous passage – highly stylized literature if not technically poetry. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and … Continue reading

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